Just a little something to keep you bizz

Come in READ or SHOP! Coffee, tea, or me?

Well I said I like to talk!
That is if I could spell better!
That is if I had a better vocabulary!
That is if I had the time between God, Family, Hunting, Fishing, Sleeping, and the Web I just don't have the time
That is if you would even want to talk to me?

Let me tell you a story so you don't get too bored.


One day I was over the in-laws house when some of their relatives came over. They asked if I would go get the boys for them they were fishing on the Mississippi River and it had gotten dark. Well of couse, I said yes. Some of the younger kids went with me. Well here in AR we like to play jokes on each other just for the fun of it and I had a good one. I ask the kids if they would help. Needless to say they couldn't wait so off we went. The first thing I asked them to do was to stay back just in case the boys had a gun with them after all most of us do. I went to where the boys were but stayed just inside the bush line and out of sight. Then we started to work.Then all at once you could here a lot of coyotes howling in the background. They were getting closer and closer. The boys on the bank were all standing about now. Then it got quite for a while. All at once the bushes were moving, it looked like there were coyotes all around growling and howling everywhere. The boys looked like they had came unglued. Two of them where in the water yelling and screaming what are we going to do. One was holding a shovel while still on the bank he looked like he was going to fight it out with them. The other boy that was standing by the water edge said that he could not swim but was going to if they came out. The other one was yelling to his brother come on lets get out of here. The kids all started to laugh by now so, I stepped out. At first the boys looked happy to see me until I started laughing to. It was a sight to see I could not believe it myself. The boys could have beat me up if they could have stopped shaking long enough. This was one of the best yet. Now that we're all at the house now and the shaking has barely stop do you know where I can get a new car this one is all shook up.
This happened over 25 yrs ago and were still lafhing.

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O here is one you can do for your self.

One morning I was awaken by a friend. He said get your gun and come outside. So I did, when I got out there he pointed up into a tree, There was a leopard up there. He was saying shoot it, shoot it. Well, I all most did but I thought to my self that there wern't any leopards here. I was that close to having the joke of a life time played on me. He had put his wife's coat up in the tree. Do you have a coat like this one you could pull off a good joke on some one to.

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